Ynzenga is a new street wear brand that is really influenced by the surf culture. In their creative process they join the eco friendly and hand crafted concepts with the technology. 

Patricia Ynzenga is a fashion designer who loves art, photography, graphic design and challenges. She defines herself as a “dreamer” and really creative but always working hard to achieve her goals.

Patricia had always wanted to create something of her own, with a little help, hard work, hope, and also some tears, Ynzenga was finally born.

“Ynzenga, is my last name. I’ve always been fan of wierd stuff and my last name being so unique… I had no doubt on picking it for the brand’s name.”

High heels or sneakers?

I couldn’t choose one, heels are elegant but I also like the new sneakers trend, I think that you have to know when and where to wear each one of them.

 If the logo of Ynzenga was an animal, which one would it be?

A big bird flying, maybe a goshawk or an eagle, something as free as the spirit of the brand.

 Are we all alone in the universe?

I don’t think so, but it will be long until we find out.

Favorite 90´s object?

Gameboy, I still have one.

Pizza or Burger?

Pizza, I love everything related to Italy.

Beach or Mountain?

Mountain, since I was little I enjoy it very much.

If unicorns would exist, do you think they would be friendly as horses or wild as rhinos?




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Photography: magretdepato

Photo Edition: magretdepato

Model: Violetta @yeswhat

Clothes: Ynzenga Brand

Text Edition: Alvaro Rodriguez